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May 20, 2019 Wood Bed

Dress Your Cherry Wood Bed Frame With Love

Cherry wood bed frame – Beds made of solid cherry trees convince with a warm reddish color scheme. The oiled surfaces enhance this atmosphere and ensure a healthy indoor climate. A cocktail of sweetness and reddish shades, functionality and design, forge the perfect cherry bed for the sleeping area.

By virtue of its seductive reddish reflections, the cherry wood bedroom perfectly harmonizes with sheets with an enveloping taste that make rustic aesthetics their strong point. A style, a fashion, a thousand ways to reinterpret the sleeping area, with charming signs and rural features. Flower patterns that enhance the colors of summer are a real must have. A pairing that gracefully adapts to every bed solution, making a sweet and feminine note in the most important area for your rest.

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Monochromatic bedspreads and quilts in warm shades or simply with a monogram border that sets them apart, perfectly customizing the cherry queen bed frame. And for the cherry bed of your little homemakers? Directed towards red squared graphics or a thousand lines, it will be the winning choice! Get inspired by style tips and choose the cherry bed that best represents you. Then, covering it with a touch of fancy love. Love your home!

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