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June 1, 2019 Wood Shelves

Easy Diy Floating Shelves Solid Wood

Diy floating shelves solid wood – The success of industrial furniture is partly due to their strength and durability. The contrast between raw steel and natural wood seduces many lovers of trendy decoration. Building one’s own furniture, storage space and interior decoration can sometimes be very expensive. However, the ease of installation and their flexibility attract more and more people looking for a unique and more personal furniture. Melting industrial furniture in the decor is the key to success.

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In this article you will discover styles of floating shelves designed by individuals. Some are easier to assemble; others more complex require more know-how but remain accessible to all. The S-shaped tray is secure to the wall by 6 brackets without touching either the floor or the ceiling. Harmonizing industrial pipes with dark wood is just remarkable. This is a stable and robust industrial shelving for storing books or other trinkets.

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To assemble these shelves, you do not need a drill. You can used only tubes, fittings and a good dose of imagination. The tablet is adjustable and fits perfectly in small spaces. The tubes can be connect in any direction thanks to the wide range of connectors. Moving the furniture does not require disassembly because of its high stability.

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