Easy To Building Wood Shelves At Home

DIY Wood Storage Cabinets With Doors And Shelves

Building wood shelves – The principle is simple: two pierced wooden boards are supported by colored ropes hung on a linear. A simple idea, easy to reproduce and integrates with any type of space. The correctness of the installation is to emphasize, as much in the proportions, the width of the boards and the harmony of the matters that in the respect of the colors.

Wooden boards cleverly cut into three blocks of identical size and compartmentalized in small shelves adapt to the small products, exposed and meticulously arranged, until the string to hang the jewels. The offset of a block makes it possible to forget the original support and to play with the wall to recreate a wall shelf. To soften the raw look, just add some color .

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How to divert wooden drawers from their usual use? Fixed on the wall, repainted and dressed with a pretty sheet of paper, they form original shelves. Feel free to play on the contrast between plain and patterns: your shelves will gain relief. The metal handles are orient differently, for more rhythm and pace. Easy to model, the cardboard can be a support as resistant as aesthetic. In a creative version, it wraps and coalesces to form small storage spaces, similar to the alveoli of bee hives.

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