Most Economical High Tensile Wire Fence

Feb 25th

High tensile wire fence – Wire fencing is generally for large areas of enclosures, whether to keep things or keep out. The effectiveness of the cost of erecting a wire fence depends on the type of fencing used. The most economical is a barbed wire fence light-gauge. Welded wire fence and woven wire fencing can cost about the same, depending on the wire gauge. The smaller the caliber number, the thicker the wire.

Barbed high tensile wire fence have a sharp metal insert in the twisted pair of wires. This barb is typically placed every 6 to 8 inches long of wire. Tongue wire is used for cattle fences and livestock. Smooth wire fences are generally used for exotic and equine animal enclosures. The two types of fencing have the same resistance characteristics, but the plain wire fence does not contain spikes.

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Welded fence has rectangular openings ranging from 1 to 2 inches wide and 3 to 4 inches long. This type of fencing is tack welded on all high tensile wire fence joints. It is not recommended for animals such as sharp hooves and the jaws of large dogs can break the welds. You can use this type of fence for children’s enclosure as small rectangular openings will not allow feet and shoes to make a dent. This can help keep the children from climbing over the fence.

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