Effortless Metal Chimney Cover

Aug 31st

Metal chimney cover – one of possibility is that we have installed the pipe of the chimney, but we have left it below the highest part of the ridge, or we have next to some building, higher, that does not provoke, that we do not have a good evacuation of the Smoke that comes out through the tube, which produces a plug effect, and that the smoke enters the house

So in this case, the solution is to install the tube, until it is at least 50 cm above the top Of the roof, or to surpass the adjoining building that prevents the normal exit of the smoke. Another cause is that we have the fireplace near the kitchen, and near the extractor of fumes of the gas cooker, and when we turn on the extractor, it changes the circulation of the room and we put the smoke in, so If we have a metal chimney cover nearby

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Or with the cooking kitchen, and we are going to light the extractor, we have to be especially careful, because otherwise, when we go out to the living room we can find everything full of smoke. In this case, try not to turn on the smoke extractor, if we have it near the fireplace, and it has no door, because the smoke metal chimney cover would come out.

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