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November 20, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Fasade Wall Panels Ideas

Fasade wall panels – One of the easiest ways to cover panels is to paint over it. If panels go from floor to ceiling, simply paint the entire wall in a color of your choice. For panels that only reach halfway on the wall, you have the ability to paint the entire wall in the same color or paint the upper and lower parts in complementary shades. Because wood panel tends to be dark, using a light shadow covers it immediately turns the room, lighter and widen the space. Be sure to prime panels before painting it so that color sticks to the surface better.

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Plaster mud

You can completely mask the look of the fasade wall panels by covering it with plaster clay. Remove wall trim and cover panels with a primer. Gypsum clay does not completely fill the grooves in panels, but you can even out areas using adhesive gypsum tape to cover the seams. Use roles to apply plaster clay to panels, rolling over each section a few times to achieve even consistency. Allow the mud to dry overnight. Apply a further layer of primer and apply color to your chosen shade.

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Another way to mask the appearance of dated fasade wall panels is to cover it with wallpaper. This method requires some work because the wallpaper cannot really stick to a structured or roughened surface like panels. Placing feed paper on panels gives a smooth, flat surface that you can easily apply the wallpaper over. If you’re still worried about the wall looking uneven, go with a structured wallpaper that can help the mask easily unevenness that can glow through. Patterned wallpaper can also help.

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