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May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

Find a Great White Wood Twin Bed Frame

While many people may think white wood twin bed frame are boring, there are almost endless decor options with white beds. Whether you want a quiet, subdued look or a colorful room, you can find a great style to match your white beds. A completely white bedroom is a beautiful, calming retreat for a young girl or woman. This style works best in a sunny, window-filled bedroom.

You already have a white bed and white bedspread so there are countless other white and light yellow touches you can add to create a clean white haven. Choose pure white or lacy white curtains for the windows, so plenty of natural light to spill in. Add a row of white pads, satin, lace and silk. Choose some cushions that are small and round and others that are larger and square.

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When using a one-color theme, mix fabric and sizes for black. Choose pads with small, pale-colored details about them, like pale yellow chain stitches or light pink ribbons. If you have wood furniture that is darker, white-wash the furniture to make it lighter. Select picture frames, It is whitewashed to an antique look, but fills them with bright images for an explosion of colors. For a luxurious touch, place a vase of creamy white roses or white and light green hydrangeas on your desk.

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