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October 1, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Finishing 3d Wood Wall Panels

3d wood wall panels – A simple and affordable option for finishing wood walls is color. With color, the color option is entirely up to you. A quick finish can be a single color from ceiling to floor. Painting half the wall a color with a complementary color on the other half creates a blocking pattern. Always prime the walls before painting to avoid absorption. Multiple layers may be required for full coverage. Select a color that is suitable for the room. For homes with children, a washable option can be perfect. Flat colors offer a contemporary look while gloss gives a more modern look.

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Faux finish

For natural 3d wood wall panels, there is a wide range of faux treatment options. Calculation is a process for finishing wood that accentuates wood fibers while changing color. Marbling involves applying a full base coat of a dark color to the wood, then rolling a cloth with lighter colors over the top. The result is a wooden wall that resembles a marble floor. White laundry, or apply a light base then dilute a deeper color with water and paint over, giving an old, tired or shabby chic-looking wooden walls. Crackle painting is also an option with wood walls. A primer is required for almost all types of faux finishing techniques.

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Other options

Unusual options are available for finishing 3d wood wall panels. Heavy fabric can be glued to the walls as wallpaper. Similarly, curtains can be attached only at the top and bottom of the wood wall for quick decorating options. Applications or cloth cutouts decorate plain wood walls regardless of painted, lacquered or simply coated with polyurethane.

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