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Really Cool Solid Wood Queen Bed

Bed Twin With Drawers Open

Solid Wood Twin Bed: Magnificent!

May 13, 2019 Wood Bed

Fits Perfectly Solid Wood Queen Bed Frame

Solid wood queen bed frame – For centuries the black and white design has been a wonderful way to bring variation and balance to your sleeping room. In Eastern culture, black and white stands for mutually complementing opposites in the world: male / female, hard / soft, etc. In this room we see a black wall on the left, a black and white bed in front of it, and the large window on the right allowing the light shines inside and brings this room to life.

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The white bed really stands out against the backdrop of the black wall. An expert is happy to help you give your home a new look. This room is more than suitable for a daughter or student living at home on her own. The feminine hues and subtle finishes make this the ideal room to relax and study in. Be inspire by this beautiful room!

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This is a super nice country style that is very retro. See that princely bed! The walls have a fresh green tint and the white bed fits perfectly. White is also reflected in the curtains, the art on the wall, furniture, rug and decorations. A clear concept that appeals to the imagination!

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