How to Float Mobile TV Stand

Dec 11th

Wall stand place TV out of the way but fail to offer any kind of storage media. As an alternative, you can float your mobile TV stand with cantilevered wall brackets. This will provide a wall-mounted shelf for storing media or installing devices, such as video game systems, DVD players and cable boxes, which also serves as a tripod for your TV. The only limitation for this type of tripod is the total weight of the devices that will use it for support.


Check the operating instructions for your TV to determine its weight, which will be listed in the specifications section. Place all media or electronic devices that you plan to store on the mobile TV stand shelves or in their drawers. Stand on a bathroom scale and note your weight. Lift the TV stand and its contents carefully and note the weight is displayed on the scale. Subtract your own weight to determine the weight of the stand and its contents.

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Place a control detector against the wall near the place where you want to float on the TV bench. Mark pin points with a pen and measure the distance between the rules. Measure the width of the mobile TV stand design and divide it with the space between the rules to determine how many consoles you need. For example, if the wall controls are located 16 inches apart and the TV stand is 35 inches wide, you will be able to use three brackets.

But if the TV bench is only 30 inches wide, you will only be able to use two. Select the required number of free-standing wall brackets with ratings that sum up to the total weight of the TV and the full-featured TV set.

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Place a carpenter level on each console to make sure it is already before attaching it to the wall. Use the supplied screws with the brackets and a drill with a screwdriver slightly to lower the screws until their heads are tight against the brackets. Empty the mobile TV stand set and place it on top of the consoles, with a 1 “space between the stand and the wall. Check the position of the stand with a tape measure and adjust it until it is centered over the brackets. Screw the TV into the fasteners from below with the smaller screws that came with the brackets. Test the floating TV set by placing a scale under the bracket and standing on it. Press down to the center of the stand until the scale falls with the weight of your TV.

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