Floating Entertainment Center TV Ideas

Mar 28th

Floating entertainment center on the wall gives your entertainment center a clean, streamlined look – unless an ugly bundle of cables runs down the wall. Your TV has a power cord, cable line and audio and video connectors that easily turn your new plasma screen into a nudge if left free of dangling. Hiding your cables in the wall can be a fire hazard, and depending on the type of wall you have, it cannot even be an option. Covering them outside the wall keeps them just as out of sight and out of the mind.


Purchase either a cable management runway or a door threshold. These are basically the same – concave strips through which you drive threads – but a door threshold may be cheaper. Paint the strip to match your wall to give your threads extra camouflage. Measure the width of your floating entertainment center design along the bottom edge and use a pen to mark where the center is located. That’s where you want to hang your band for a clean, symmetrical look. Hold the strip against the wall where it will hang. The strip should have a small hole in it already for screws, stick the tip of your pen and mark the wall where you need to drill.

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Drill a hole in the wall where you selected. The hole should be dimensioned to fit your anchor, which is dimensioned to fit your screw – screw size may vary depending on the size of your strip. If you purchased a cable of floating entertainment center handling runway kit, they may also be included. Hold the strip against the wall and bundle the cables behind it from top to bottom. Be careful not to drill through any electrical cables, screw through the hole and into the wall to hold the strip in place. Only attach the strip to the wall in this location – it will make it easier to remove if you need to add or remove cables.

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Tips and warnings

If you prefer to hide your cables inside the wall, hire a professional. Incorrect installation may constitute a fire hazard or violate building and fire codes or both. Inner walls in a house that are used to separate rooms are usually weaker to exterior walls, according to thousands of living, an online home renovation and repair resource. It may be best to hang the floating entertainment center kit on an outside wall, or if you are unsure, ask a professional. Ensuring the wall is strong enough to keep the TV safe and security will help you prevent the TV from falling off the wall.

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