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Fresh and Cheerful Beach Bedroom Ideas

Beach bedroom ideas – Talk about beach, it means we talk about something fresh, beauty and cheerful. If you really want to have a coast house near the beach, but you don’t have much money to build it, you can decorate your interior house with beach theme. Even it does not located near the beach; at least you can feel the beach atmosphere enters to your house. To decorate it, you have to use main colors which are blue, aqua and white. Then, set beach accessories theme to strengthen the decoration.

Creative Beach Decoration Ideas with Blue and White Color

To create bedroom beach decoration, the first thing you have to do is display the wall with blue. Blue is the representation of sea water and combine it with white color as the representation of sky. The furniture also has to set in white color to make it good in balance. It is better if you set the furniture that has classic style with some carving decoration on the edge. The bed area can be covered with blue comforter or blue bedcover. The pillow can be covered with sea pillow cover pattern. For the accessories, you can use some wall hanging that has beach theme, such as starfish, waves painting or anchor. Then out some accessories on the table such as a bottle of sea sand and shell. As the window dresser, you can set white curtain to make calm impression.

Tips in Creating Bedroom Beach

First thing you have to do in making bedroom beach is choose the color of beach; white, blue or aqua. You can also paint your room with beach them or use beach decal theme. Second, choose the flooring in order to match with them, for example brown flooring color with ceramic tile as resemble with sea sand. Third, display the accessories of beach on the bedroom; starfish, coral or shell.

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