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August 13, 2019 Porch Railing

Front Porch Railing in Many Distinctive Styles

Front porch railing adds to the details of the house, and many different styles are available. Covers or terraces higher than 30 inches are required to have porch rails for security. To prevent falls, fences may be appropriate for decks or decks less than 30 inches if children or elderly people have access to the porch. Wood or an equally resistant material is better for handrails.

The most basic handrail style, the standard front porch railing, usually has smooth balusters in regular intervals of 4 to 6 inches. Poles and balusters, or spindles, are typically made of quality wood such as cedar or redwood and are connected directly to the deck. There is a handrail along the top, which can be very wide to keep the plants in pots, drinks or whatever. Standard gantry rails can also be known as the builder’s handrail.

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The colonial lane has space between the lane and the lower part of the deck and has become axes and stair pillars. It is still quite simple, but the spindles are appropriate way to add detail to colonial-style homes or older ones. Decorative front porch railing has large support posts with square or turned spindles and can have decoration on the posts. These lanes are frequently made of redwood or cedar for their stability and the quality and appearance of the wood.

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