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November 19, 2019 Chimney Caps

Functional Decorative Chimney Caps

Decorative chimney caps – A chimney is a tube connected to a heat production unit that carries exhaust from the inside to the outside air. You might think of bricks when you think of a chimney. But modern chimneys can be made of metal or concrete as well. Many chimneys have an internal passageway called a fly. If there are multiple heating devices connected to the chimney, will each have its own flue.

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A fireplace damper is often installed at the bottom of the chimney, closer to the flames. But Guide4Home.com also recommend a chimney post cap as an effective solution to both heat loss and debris accumulation. The decorative chimney post caps are placed on top of the chimney. If you’ve ever noticed something resembling a small roof on top of a chimney, it is a decorative chimney caps.

Finish the chimney posts by adding a decorative chimney caps and additional hardware. Cross caps are attached to the top of the post for a finished look. Several sizes are available, or they can be custom made. Contact post cap manufacturer for mounting and fastening instructions. A damper also keeps snow, rain and dirt from falling down into the chimney.

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