Galvanized Metal Sheets: Read On!

May 30th

Decorating galvanized metal sheets with an attractive finish in color is something that you can do yourself. While we remind you that we have prepainted sheets to save you that job. If you already have some of the galvanized sheets that we have on offer. And you are determine to paint them, we have some tips to give you. Painting the galvanize sheets is clear that it is something that is done and works very well. Take for example the case of the trapezoidal plate Colder prepainted . That plate already comes with the finish in the color that you choose. That proves that applying colors on the veneers is nothing new.

However, for the application of the paint on the sheet to be successful. It is necessary that it has enough adhesion for the work to last. There are two aspects that must be verified prior to the application of the paint on the galvanized sheet. Both considerations focused on ensuring the maximum adhesion capacity of the color layer on the zinc. Normally, it is very possible that the painting process is not directly apply the paint to the metal. Firstly, if you purchased a sheet that was not prepainting . In order to ensure a longer product life during the storage and transport period. The manufacturer will surely have coated the sheet with a passivation layer .

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This layer protects the coated metal, in this case zinc, minimizing the effects of moisture. And avoiding (or at least limiting) possible white oxide stains on galvanized metal sheets .  Another aspect that must be evaluate prior to the application of paint on the galvanized sheet. It is to verify that it does not present signs characteristic of damages caused by the corrosion. And typically identify by the already known reddish color that acquires the steel of the plates later that zinc gives way to corrosive agents. And allows it to begin to deteriorate first.

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The placement of paint on fragments of metal that may not be attach to the sheet. Also implies problems of adherence of the paint. Since when releasing those elements, will cause visible damage on the paint layer. Normally, if a sheet has begun to show signs of deterioration. It is probably already a long time since the protection of the passivation layer has expired. And in that sense, to paint galvanized metal sheets you will need to do only one of the treatments. In case of verifying one of the conditions describe, while otherwise you can proceed to grasp the brush without major concerns.

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