Garage Storage Shelves Design Ideas

Feb 20th

If your garage is looking a little messy, adding storage shelves in a well-designed design can help you organize the room. Remember to design your garage storage shelves with your life in mind. A spot for sports equipment does not make you very good if no one in your family is playing. Zone it; when planning, zone by your seat. Make a list of everything you need a room for, including tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations and other storage records. Then select a zone in your plan for each individual. The zone you label must keep all the elements of this type in your garage.

Keep zone type in mind as you plan shelves, hooks or other organizational elements for this area. Create cubbies; for a simple garage storage shelves option that can hold almost anything, you need to create cubbies. Cubbies, also called cubbies holes, are small square shelves in a large square rack. Typically each device has more cubbies. You can place things individually in cubbies or get buckets to slip into shelves for storage. Notice buckets for easy organization later. Use wall systems; Garage shelf wall systems come in a variety of formats, from basic track shelf units that hang over bars or hooks.

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A relatively inexpensive solution, you can buy a lot or just a few wall garage storage shelves in different sizes. These to fill -in stains on your garage wall which does not provide a feature. Mix and match wall system elements with other garage organization options to get rid of waste space. Go high; whether you have open rafters or a loft, create more storage space in your garage by going high. Install flat or wide shelves along the entire top of your garage. Make sure the garage storage shelves are at least one foot. Or two from your garage ceiling to allow space to slide closed storage containers and silos on the shelves.

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Lock it up: If you have a lot of power tools in your garage and are worried about theft, combine your need for security with the need to organize by unlocking it. Shopping old school lockers or new square locks models from a store and use them in your garage. You can get devices that come with locks that are already installed or buy padlocks. Save your tools or other important items in garage storage shelves when you’re away to add an additional security measure to your garage.

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