Garage Wall Panels on a Baseboard

Dec 4th

Garage wall panels – Wooden panels on the walls are often accompanied by floorboards, boards or casting at the bottom of the wall, which is used to cover the joint between the floor and the bottom of the panels. If the wood panel on your wall is damaged or cracked, replace it with a new wood panel. To remove and replace panels, you’ll also need to remove sockets and replace them as well.


Bend the floor tiles from the wall with the coot. Slip the bar between the BMC and the wall and pull out. In some cases, floor tiles are connected to wall with small nails, which should go for free. If the BMC glue on the wall be extra careful and slow as you bend it’s free or it can break. Switch on the unit to a medium to high heat and hold it over the garage wall panels. Move the unit up and down over a piece of panels to loosen the glue that holds it on the wall.

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Slide the hood between the wall and panels when it’s warm and pull panels from the wall. Repeat the process with entire garage wall panels. Sand the wall smooth with 150 grit sandpaper. Hold the new wall panels on the walls and measure it to make sure it will fit. Apply the adhesive on the back of the panels and press it against the wall in the corner of the room. Hammer 2:58 small nails in each board, from top to bottom, to hold panels against the wall. Fit the next piece of panels next to the first until the entire room is ready.

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