Glass Garage Doors For Modern House

Dec 17th

Glass garage doors, although not as common as wooden doors or steel garage doors, are very popular for certain architectural styles of buildings. Its modern look is a great option for a contemporary home or style progressively. They come in a number of different designs, with a lot of options for the type and style of glass used. They have some unique advantages over other types of doors, but as with anything else, there are disadvantages as well.

The main advantage of a glass garage doors is the look it gives to a modern home. Some houses simply would not look good with any other type of garage door. They require very little maintenance. In most cases, only clean them in the same way to clean the windows of your home – no painting required! Another advantage is of course the additional light inside during the day. Sunlight can also help warm the space in the winter. Doors with style (not clear) glass also give a very cool look on the outside at night if the interior lights are on.

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Glass garage doors have some disadvantages, too. They are expensive compared to steel or aluminum garage doors of equal size and insulation value. They are also very heavy, so they require a heavy-duty door opener and other hardware. Many residential models are made to commercial standards, which makes them even heavier. Also, if a panel breaks from an impact with a street baseball, the panel will have to be replaced. With a steel garage door, you could live with a gap and the door could continue to function and be safe and secure. In addition, the best insulated glass doors cannot compete with the best and insulating steel, aluminum, or fiberglass garage doors.

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