Good Idea To Use Rustic Wood Wall Shelves

Diy Wood Wall Shelves

Rustic wood wall shelves – Shelves are a good idea in places that you would not otherwise use, such as under the stairs. And this open shelf cabinet is a true work of art in itself with the open and closed squares in different sizes of light wood and white laminated wood. And not only that. This cupboard also perfectly matches the design of the staircase in the same light wood and the white walls.

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The vertical uprights that support these boards are small sanded tree trunks with which you add a touch of nature to your house (and also beautiful to look at!). Also nice for the bathroom! With simply a few wooden shelves and racks on the wall and a beautiful liver color behind it, you can easily turn a very nice wardrobe into your bedroom.

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The small plant rack under the window is also a very fun and creative idea of ​​what you can do with a few shelves. A niche in a contrasting color in your wardrobe with lighting is also a very original option that we have not encountered before. Moreover, this breaks the monotonous cupboard wall with a nice dynamic playful accent. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!