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Very Cheap Solid Wood Twin Bed with Storage

May 13, 2019 Wood Bed

Good Solid Wood Twin Bed Frame

Solid wood twin bed frame – Has your child been moaning for a new bed for ages, while the old bed is still good? Or are you secretly tired of always looking at that boring bed? Then this is for you! You can pimp your child’s bed in a very cheap way so that it can last for years. Even if your child thinks he / she has become too big for the cot or if you really cannot afford such an expensive cot, these tips are ideal.

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You can build this bed completely yourself, or you use an existing half-height bed made of scaffolding wood. When you finish the front with boards of the same type. You have a beautiful playhouse under the bed in no time, which makes the whole bed look cool! If your child’s bed is not made of scaffolding wood. Then you can search for wood that is similar to that of the existing bed. After which you paint it in your child’s favorite color.

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This idea is very similar to the previous one. But it is easier to make if you are short of cash. The bed itself is a fairly cheap wooden bed, but with a large piece of cut-to-size plywood in front, you also have a cute playhouse. Here too it is an option to paint the bed if the wood colors do not match.

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