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November 1, 2019 Home Interior

Great Staircase Painting Ideas

The uncarpeted stairs need constants paintings services to keep them beautiful, clean and well-kept. Use your imagination to incorporate an artistic design and staircase painting ideas that can add a visual and an interesting color. Choose colors for floors and mirrors that match the theme of the surrounding area and the complements. Give wooden staircase with visually appealing contrast. Paint the floors in a similar tone to the wood to give a rustic touch.

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The next staircase painting ideas is giving your ladder a decorative touch, putting the stamping in the center, above or in front. Examples of common patterns include flowers, leaves, shells, rainbow, clouds, stripes and animal paw prints. Apply paint in the desired color for the rubber stamp with a brush and immediately retouching errors with a damp towel. Then use a stencil to complex models. For color models, it is best to use them every two or three steps to prevent the stairs from getting too colorful.

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The last staircase painting ideas; Contrast the paint colors for floors and mirrors in order to tidy up the stairs in your home. This idea makes the floors and more expressive mirrors and adds color to the site. Make sure that the chosen colors blend with the environment.

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