Heavy Duty Shelving Solutions

Dec 10th

Heavy duty shelving is a very practical solution when available storage space is at a premium and a complete makeover of the home, garage and office is not an option. It efficient way to decorate those awkward areas in the home. Or workplace where space is very limit. The shelving can make from steel, wood or strengthened plastic. The source material that the heavy duty shelving is created from will depend on what the shelving unit will primarily be used for. Shelves that are going to store automotive tools, spares and electrics will not made from or be similar in appearance to shelving used in an office style workplace that will hold files and paperwork or even computer equipment.

Around the home the shelves could be employ to store books, children’s toys and paintings also ornaments such as clocks and sculptures. Heavy duty shelving furniture could also be the ideal solution for wine collectors, fossil gatherers and modern art enthusiasts. Shelving units could be the perfect resolution in the laundry room where space may be tight. Heavy duty shelving can be utilize into the modern home’s decor. Blend in seamlessly with a contemporary minimalist theme. Your imagination is your only limit around the home. An intricately carved wooden set of shelving units would not look out of place with those of you with more traditional tastes.

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Domestically, for shelving that is likely to hold a lot of weight make sure the units are fix securely to a wall stud if available. A stone wall may be able to take the weight. But make sure the shelves are fitted securely with the correct fittings. Free standing shelving units can be place strategically where required. A professional heavy duty shelving manufacturer and supplier will be able to advice on all your shelving queries. And concerns and may even offer an installation service when you purchase your shelving units from them.

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Freestanding heavy duty shelving may take up too much space in the home. But is the perfect solution in the workplace. Such as police stations, libraries, hospitals, banks, automotive repair garages and warehouses. In a police station the shelving would be use. To hold items relating to a crime, files and items belonging to suspects and/or victims. Hospitals would utilize the shelving for medical records, supplies and bedding or linen. In a warehouse heavy duty shelving would most likely use for pallet racking accessed with the use of a forklift truck. A library’s shelving would hold books, DVD’s, and CD’s also other learning or reference material. Cash and carry warehouses would store their stock on the heavy duty shelving. Banks may add castor wheels to their shelving to allow mobility in the bank’s vault.

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