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Modern Wood Paneling Walls Decorations

Wood Paneling Walls Decorations

November 6, 2019 Wall Panels Design

How Decorate RV Wall Panels

RV wall panels – Decorate the room with the mid-century modern accessories, if you cannot cover panels. This style became popular during the glossy day wood panel. Give the room a “Mad Men” feeling with a leather armchair or sofa, brass pieces and a starburst mirror or bell hung on the wall. Instead of dramatic curtain ideas for three window wall panels, install simple shades and concentrate on the panels around the windows instead. For example, paint a mural that outlines what the view is outside. Fill in the image you want to see if the wall was nothing but a big window. Put your handsome hand, like children play or dogs driving down the street.

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Another option would be to find colorful patterned curtains and use them as inspiration for wall painting.  Cover some bookshelves with a layer of basic color and white color. Place the bookshelves against the RV wall panels as well as panels. The white color lights up the room and the shelves take the focus of the panel. Hang colorful artwork on the walls; distance the drawing around the room. The unexpected colors function as contact points for the room. Eyes move to the artwork and stay away from panels.

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Tips and warnings

For a funky and unexpected look, consider painting the RV wall panels in contrasting colors. The two colors create a striped effect that conceals old panels. Use a heavier weight fabric when covering panels. Heavier fabric does a better job of hiding panels; thin fabrics let some of the original wood color to shine through.

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