How Do I Install Garage Door Rollers

Aug 14th

Installation garage door rollers are a wise convenience choice and a big improvement in ensuring what you have saved. Unlike standard swing doors, even steel ones, rolling garage doors present more of a challenge to thieves and create more delay. These roles of garage doors are, as their name suggests, mounted on a frame and pulling rolls within this frame. Key to well-functioning rolling garage doors is frame installation. Measure size of opening where you want to install roller garage door.

Remove guides and die hardware from boxes and put them on side of door where they will be mounted. Separate hardware and screws, and make sure they are all there. Fit mini fittings on ends of garage door rollers assembly. Push bracket onto shaft, insert a split and bend tab into place. Do same with other end of rolled door assembly. Mounting frame is key to a straight, properly functioning roller garage door.

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Move door up in its marked-off install space. Step into door frame, grab rolled door unit with one hand and frame with others who help do same with other end of door. Lift up and over your head as you step through frame, turn and lean door in its mounting position. Garage door rollers back halfway and install door stopper plates on each side of door which engages with head stops when door is in open position. Install tow rails and raise handle in center of door.

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