How to Best Isolate an Exterior Wall Panels

Aug 21st

Exterior wall panels can be a very good way to improve the energy efficiency of a building. Outside wall insulation is easy in walls that already have a space between the outside of the wall and the inner surface. For walls that do not have a gap suitable for insulation, consider creating a space by building new inner walls on the outer edge of the building. Building these exterior wall panels is beyond the scope of this article.


Hire an insulation fan. The fan is the machine that will deposit the insulation into the gap between your inner and outer walls. Drive the pipe from the fan into your wind. The insulation is usually blown from the top of the exterior wall panels. Fill the fan on the fan with loose filling insulation, which is usually supplied in bags. In most cases, loose filling fiberglass is one of the few homeowners installing blown insulation.

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Turn on the fan. You need to have someone in the wind to control the flow of insulation and a person at the fan to turn on and off and enter new insulation as needed. The two people will need to be able to communicate. Mobile phones or two way radios are a very good idea. Direct the flow of insulation into the slots between indoor and outdoor walls. Allow the fibers to settle and go back over the area again to ensure adequate filling.

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