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July 13, 2019 Wood Bed

How to Build Simple Wood Bed Frame

A simple wood bed frame has several advantages over more ornate models. It is less expensive in performing the main design function equally well. It is easier to build. And, also it gives a room a clean, modern atmosphere through its low profile appearance. One of the frames of the simplest bed is a supported railway platform frame consisting of only four components. Set aside one to two hours to build this type of bed structure.

Place the three beams side by side on a flat, stable surface. The outer edges of the outer beams should be 60 inches apart. The inner beam must be centered between the outer beams. The three beams must fall asleep at 2 inches wide edges. Adjust the sheet of plywood on the top of the three beams so that it covers the top edges. The 80-inch edges of the plywood should be flush with the outside faces of the beams.

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Screw the wood into position. Drill a line of 10 wood screws spaced evenly along the midline of each beam. If you have trouble keeping balance beams on their narrow edges during this step, focus on one beam at a time. Leave others who lie down until you need them. Sand the top face of the plywood and the outer faces of the two outer bundles. Use sandpaper for grain, and sand until you are safely splintered are not a risk. Move the finished frame to the position where you want your bed to be.

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