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July 17, 2019 Wood Shelves

How to Build Solid Wood Floating Shelves

Solid wood floating shelves are shelves that hang on the wall as separate units. Unlike shelves that have wooden feet, floating shelves are hung directly on the wall. They are suitable for viewing collectible items, but they are strong enough for books. Floating shelves are made of hollow cardboard and some screws, which gives them a cheap project to do at home does. Floating shelves are also available in many prefabricated home improvement and furniture stores.

Place a wall beam detector where you want your shelf to hang and mark the location of the wooden posts. Keep a level of 4 feet on the adhesive tape and mark the location of the shelf in the masking tape, keeping the bubble even on the level. Set in motion two trestles and place a hollow-core door 18 inches wide in them. Cut the door lengthwise to obtain the desired depth for your shelf.

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Measure the shelf piece from top to bottom to obtain the thickness. Pre-drill a hole in the wall in the marks you made earlier on the masking tape. Insert a knife into your shelf in the back in the hollow. Cut all the cardboard cores inside the door so that the fixing system will fit. Place the shelf on the wall to test it. Apply a layer of wood glue along with the entire platform and slide over the studs. Nail the shelf at the back in the fastening system.

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