Solid Wood King Size Bed With Storage

Choosing Your Solid Wood King Size Bed

May 13, 2019 Wood Bed

How to Build Solid Wood Full Size Bed

Solid Wood Full Size Bed – One of the simplest ways to build a solid wood bed is to do away with the whole carpentry complex. That is involved with headers, foot, and leg boards. Even bedding and opt for an elegant and stylish platform bed. Depending on the way you style it, a platform bed can exude an Asian atmosphere in dark tones. Or, if painted white or distress it, you can achieve a Scandinavian or even country French feel.

Sand all the wood of the bed and stain or paint them too. Allow it to dry completely before assembling. Form two 75-inch planks and two 40-inch planks of 2-by-10 wood in a rectangle. With the ends of the 75-inch planks spliced ​​against the sides of the 40-inch planks to make the corners. It is single bed size. Verify with a carpenter’s square that the corners are 90 degrees before drilling three uniformly spaced guide holes. That has sized for 3-inch flat head screws through the 40-inch planks at the ends of the 75-inch planks.

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Insert the third axis 75 inches into the frame in the middle and attach it in the same way as the frame did. Place the two 50-inch 1-by-5 ​​slats centered on the three 75-inch boards at the base of the bed, one at each end. Attach the slats to the bed base with a 1 5/8 inch screw driven through the sheet in each of the 75-inch planks, for a total of three screws per lath. Pop a screw cap into the screw holes at the base of the bed to finish the solid wood.

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