How to Clean Wood Wall Paneling Sheets

Oct 12th

Wood wall paneling sheets – You need to clean painted wood walls to remove dirt just like you clean most other painted wood. Dam builds up on walls and can make them look dirty, no matter how clean you keep the rest of your home. A key to cleaning most painted wooden walls effectively, without stains, stripes or damage color, is to clean it quickly. Pay attention to the type of paint. Glossy paintings wipe much lighter than matt finish, and you have less chance of transferring paint to rags or sponges. Whatever kind of lacquering is on the walls, test a small surface before cleaning larger parts

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Use a dry mop on the wood wall paneling sheets to remove loose dust and spider webs. Place a cloth on the floor under the wall to protect the floor from detergent and water. Mix your cleaning solution in a 5-liter bucket. Set up a stairway close to the wall. Make sure it is locked and sturdy on the floor. Wet your vita sponge in the cleaning solution. White is better because you can easily see if the paint transfers to the fungus, if it does, you must stop washing walls. Climb up for the steps, and start cleaning the top of the wall in sections.

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Work quickly down the wood wall paneling sheets; rinse the sponge often to rub the dirt. Once you have reached the bottom of the wall (or the bottom of a section, if it is a large wall) dump the bucket and fill it with clean rinse water. Rinse the wall with a clean damp mushroom. Wipe the wall immediately and gently with a soft towel.

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