How To Cover A Chimney In Winter

Dec 3rd

How To Cover A Chimney In Winter – Many people do not like using the chimney in the winter season for many reasons. Some do not like the smell of burnt woods; others do not like a mess with pieces of wood and all the debris they bring with them in the house. So, for people who are not in the business of firing up their chimneys is the only option left to cover up their opening with something useful to stop projects and the cold air from the chimney. There are few options available for these people to cover the chimney opening. Some of them are discussed below.

One of option for how to cover a chimney is with doors. A chimney is considered as a positive feature for any home, especially when you want to sell your home. Chimneys can be permanently blocked with bricks or wood. But that will not allow you to use the chimney when necessary. The best way is to use a temporary cover and easy to remove when you want to use the chimney. One way is to use airtight doors. These doors are usually glass and are equipped in the opening of the chimney to prevent drafts and cold air entering the room. These glass doors do not provide the insulation required in extreme cold conditions such as cold penetrate through the glass and bring in cold drafts.

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Aluminum is another way of how to cover a chimney. Aluminum is flame retardant and is often used at night to keep the air cold outside. A large aluminum foil is attached to the chimney opening to prevent cold drafts. People use aluminum that mainly covers at night hours. As it is fire retardant, you can use it with embers still burning or if you just finish with fire. Aluminum is not considered the best insulation but is able to hold the penetration of cold air, if installed properly. If you use chimney occasionally or if you are willing to donate cover to your home in the evening hours, better aluminum foil can serve a purpose for you.

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