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October 1, 2019 Wall Panels Design

How to Cover Barn Wood Wall Paneling

Barn wood wall paneling with self-adhesive plastic foil to prevent spray glue from sticking to the front of the fabric while working on the rest of the room. Self-stick plastic film can be found in the painting section of the building department store. Measure and cut your fabric. Trim away the city side. Role. Spray the next section with glue and follow the instructions in Step 4. Continue around the room until all wall surfaces are covered with fabric.

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Cut strips of fabric a half-inch wide with a cutting disc, straight edge and a cutting pad. Iron half inch from long side to center. Apply no sewing tape and fold the other side over the tape against the back and iron. Remove the plastic foil. Cut along the top and bottom of the barn wood wall paneling with a sharp artist knife. Cover the horizontal seams with the strips from step 6. Use hot glue over the seam where two fabric panels meet. Touch the adornment list of the seam. Trim the upper and lower edges. Repeat to cover all visible joints.

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Tips and warnings

Spray adhesive is very strong. Consider making a barn wood wall paneling and waiting 30 minutes for the air in the room to clear before you make the next panel.

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