How to Hide Slides on TV Wall Panel

Jul 1st

TV wall panel – Setting up a pleasure center can be a lot of work, but when everything is done, your home will look clean and organized. A question that may arise when connecting devices is to keep the cables untangled and look organized.

With a little strategic placement and creativity, it is possible to hide the cables against white TV wall panel. This gives your entertainment a more organized, cleaner look. Use Velcro strap to secure extra-long wires. Select the extra-long wires and wrap them against the back of the device. Leave enough of the end of the cord to hang out to reach the outlet or outlet.  Install a white cord guide tube behind the entertainment center. The white cord guide tube is a long tube that has a worn side. This tube allows you to stop all the wires inside the tube. This will leave you with a white cord instead of many different colored wires running in all directions.

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Cover any extension cables or cords that need to drive along the wall or baseboard with a white cord lid. This is a long, plastic or rubber piece that is self-adhesive on the back. Run the cables in the groove behind the cord cover and hold the adhesive on the wall. Use white color to cover any cord areas that are easy to see. Check with the instructions and manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure that the item can be painted. Many control tubes, cord covers and even some device cables can be painted white if they are not easy to hide on TV wall panel.

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