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November 8, 2019 Wood Headboard

How to Make Black Twin Headboard

Black twin headboard – Changing the look of your bedroom can be as easy as changing the look of your bedside table, or adding a bed sheet, especially in a room with a larger bed as a queen bed. As traditionally large structural pieces in a room, bedside tables attract immediate attention. Creating a simple white square headboard for a queen bed is an effective way to put structural emphasis on the bed without creating a play that is also visually stimulating

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You need:

Cut fiberboard to 70 “wide, taking into account the size of the black twin headboard, and the desired height, using circular saw. Sand MDF to remove hard edges. Prime your MDF and allow it to dry properly. Paint your headgear and let it dry.

Tips and warnings

Try to paint alternating white strips in a matte and glossy finish for an appearance that will play with the light in the room. Adding white lists along the top and the sides of your black twin headboard is a great way to give it more of an architectural and polished look. Caution when using a circular saw and follow all safety precautions. Place the wadding on top of the fabric so that the edges are parallel. Center plywood on top of wadding, foam downward.

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