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September 27, 2019 Nightstands Design

How to Make Different Bombay Nightstand

A wooden bench, can be transformed into a bombay nightstand and the shelves are made with thread or rope, is wrapped between the wood so that it is a solid base. A small table made with used, battered or old books, these can be stacked and if you want a more neutral touch you can paint them in your favorite color. This table for my taste is the easiest and fastest, since it is made of blocks for construction.

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A small bombay nightstand with crates or boxes of fruit, these boxes are in the market and the fruit sellers will surely give them to you or they will sell them very cheaply. Wine boxes also work for this. All you have to do is paint or varnish them, according to your style. If you do any of these projects, do not forget to share it with us. I hope they help you to give life to your room or any place where you want to use these tables.

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The wooden benches lend themselves to make different bombay nightstands, here is another example. The upper part is wider, and the shelves are pieces of wood on top. For more stability, nail the pieces of wood to the bench. Just keep it in a dry place and clean it daily or every third day to avoid the accumulation of dust or insects.

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