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June 8, 2019 Wood Bench

How to Replace the Iron and Wood Bench

Iron And Wood Bench – Elegant and sturdy cast iron and wood bench slats are long-lasting components in the garden or backyard. These banks are for sale through city auctions because of renovations to the city or in the garden stores. The type of bank purchased second-hand may need repairs to the wood slats because of chipping, splitting or fragmentation of the wood. The removal of cast iron bolts is often complicated if the nuts have been oxidized, but it is not impossible with a little effort.

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Remove the bolts on the slats of the bench with a socket wrench. Keep the lower part of the bolt still with a pair of pliers to keep the bolt turning with the key. Remove the wooden battens and screws from the cast iron bench frame. Keep a seat slat and a ribbon on the back for measurement. The seat slats can be slightly thicker or wider than the rear slats. Check the thickness of the slats carefully to maintain consistency and safety.

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Cut the new wooden slats to the correct length with a table saw using the measurements from the original slats. 1/2-inch drill holes in the ends of the wooden slats 1 inch from the end. Adjust the new slats in the bench, aligning the holes in the ends with the holes in the cast iron frame. Attach the slats to the structure with new 1/2 inch screws and nuts with the socket wrench. One a ribbon at a time.

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