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September 23, 2019 Mirrored Nightstands

Ideal Diy Mirrored Nightstand

To create a diy mirrored nightstand we not only have the option to restore an old piece of furniture, but we can actually make a bedside table with any everyday object that we have on hand. If we are a wandering soul and we like to decorate our bedroom with objects from other countries, world maps and globes, one option is to put some nice bags of leather lying next to the bed as a nightstand.

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For those who like the reuse and decorative styles with more industrial cutting, an idea may be to recover a wooden fruit box, paint it giving an old touch and place it standing as a diy mirrored nightstand. What else cannot be missing from your table? An analog alarm clocks. Analogical? Yes, it was mobile. Your waves can hurt your rest. Also, do not forget to place a tray where to leave the glasses, the rings, the cream …

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In this way you will avoid leaving it in any way and transmitting a sensation of disorder. A personal detail such as a photo and the book you are reading at that moment (and not the ones you have read during the last year placed in an endless tower) will suffice to complete the look. Get inspired and decorate your ideal diy mirrored nightstand. Remember, here: less is more!

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