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Oct 4th

Corner entertainment center units are ideal storage options for those who have smaller rooms where the decorative space is limited. Corner units allow you to have an entertainment unit in the living room without it being the main focus. Building your own corner entertainment unit can be done using basic carpentry techniques. And also your own design ideas based on the numerous options available. There are several design options to choose from when building a corner entertainment center. It can be a closed corner unit, which means you have cabinet doors to hide your television, DVD player, cable set-top boxes and remote control when not in use. You could also go with an open concept, in which the unit presents its items as part of the decoration of your living room.

This option is ideal for those wishing to make entertainment the main focus of the center room. The back of a corner entertainment unit is commonly built at a 90 degree angle. But there are two main options for the front a 45 degree design, in which the front extends all straight. Make the unit triangular and a 90 degree concave design. Corner entertainment center units often have horizontal shelves since they have to be able to store televisions, entertainment systems, remotes and movies. But there are other design elements you can add. Such as media to organize your DVDs and CDs. These brackets are made of plastic material and are easily attached to the horizontal surface of the shelf with 1/4-inch screws and a screwdriver.

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If you want to build large corner entertainment center unit. Do not use the triangular design because it can take up much of the space available in your living room. This design can also seem overwhelming. On the contrary, build extra height storage towers that can be placed on either side of the entertainment center. These are ideal for DVDs and CDs.

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After completing the hospitality unit, make sure that the cables of the TV and other equipment are hidden. To avoid having cables coming out of the front of the unit. And also use a jigsaw to cut a half-moon from the back of the unit to the height of each shelf where wiring exists. These openings allow you to pull several wires through the back of the unit. Where they cannot be seen and plugged into a wall outlet. The best idea of ​​having the TV in the corner, but it has a lot of space.

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