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May 23, 2019 Wood Shelves

Ideas for Hanging Cherry Wood Shelves

Cherry wood shelves are a common addition to homes, but if you are planning on adding new shelves yourself, you have a multitude of hanging options. Accessibility is the key factor for wooden shelves. You always want your shelves to be easily accessible and possibly even removable. This means hanging them around the level of the eyes and easily accessible. But that still allows framework for many different shelving ideas.

If you want to make the best possible use of your space, consider hanging twisted shelves in a corner. These shelves have an L-shaped pattern that moves back and forth. Creating multiple shelf surfaces on either side of the corner. This makes it easy to store books or other items in an area that is often overlooked or underused when it comes to shelves.

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If you have room to experiment with your bookshelf, hang different sizes of shelves in tiers along your wall. Alternate short and long shelves, or build your shelves in the form of a pyramid. If you have enough space along your wall, create a stage pattern of increasing the shelves. There is an almost unlimited number of possibilities for innovative shelf levels. And if you want to spend a long shelf, but do not have a practical fireplace, consider creating a pseudo shelf.

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