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September 15, 2019 Tufted Headboard

Ideas for Make Diamond Tufted Headboard

DIY diamond tufted headboard create a custom add on to the bed that reflects your taste and fashion sense, add elegance and style to a room’s decor. When you buy this stylish headgear in retail stores, experience some of this item is expensive. Thus, making the headboard yourself from common, simple materials and supplies, you will save money and win for a well-done piece of work.

Ideas for make diamond tufted headboard. Measure mattress. Use a tape measure to find the width of the head of the mattress. Add 2 inches to width measurement. Mark on the wall with a pencil behind the bed. This brand will reflect how high you want the headboard to rise over the bed. Use the tape measure to measure from bed frame up to pencil ground. Write headline width and height measurements on a piece of paper for later use.

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Then to make diamond tufted headboard. Unroll a large piece of craft paper on a hard flat surface. Transfer the written goals for the headroom height and width of craft paper to create a template. Use scissors to cut the template of craft paper. Hold a template against the wall behind the bed. Make necessary changes or customization of the template before proceeding. This is the ideal time to play with headline design, add arcs or curves, and then cut the template again to reflect the changes. Put a quarter-inch piece of plywood on a hard, flat surface. Put the cut template on the plywood. Trace the paper template on a quarter-inch plywood with a pencil.

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