Ideas for Repair Wrought Iron Porch Railing

Apr 26th

Decorative wrought iron porch railing is common architectural pieces found at many historic houses. While the material is strong and robust, the metal is susceptible to rust and usually wears over time. When repairing wrought iron porch railings, check the structural integrity of railings before you begin any repair work. Often, remove rust and painting rails make them look like new.

Ideas for repair wrought iron porch railing. Tighten any loose bolts and screws that hold the railing to the porch. Clean the railing with soap and hot water. Rinse off soap with water and dry iron with clean rags. Sand railing with medium sandpaper grain 80. Dry the gravel away with a tack cloth. Brush hard rust spots with a steel brush. Scrub rust from iron with strong strokes. Wipe the railing with a damp cloth.

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Cover the holes in the railing with the epoxy kit stick. Rub the stick over the hole and use your finger to press the kit in the hole. You can find this kind of kit stick at home improvement stores. Make sure that the kit is steel reinforced for use on metal surfaces. Sand kit – filled holes to make the surface smooth. Dry gravel away with a tack cloth. Roll on metal paint primer with a 3-inch roller. Use brush for cracks and corners. Allow the primer to dry for four to six hours. Wrought iron porch railing with oil-based black paint. Use a paint roller to apply paint to the long, wide parts of the railing. Use brush for corners and cracks. Let the paint dry overnight before using the railing.

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