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June 9, 2019 Wood Shelves

Ideas for the Iron and Wood Shelves

Iron And Wood Shelves – If you like the look of an old cozy cabin and the need to create more space. A rustic shelf may be the answer. Made of simple materials and natural looking, rustic furniture celebrates simplicity and history. But, before redecorating the entire house, start your journey in time with a rustic shelf. To see if the rustic look is one that can live.

If you are expecting a simple look with a minimum of work, think of natural forests. Unfinished natural wood shelves or just a little bit are a popular rustic furniture option. For a little visual detail, choose lumber for your shelves with a lot of knots or other interesting features. Build a large closet or pick up some of your favorite shelves stands to complete the look. For an even more rustic resource, use rustic supports created from branches or those made of wrought iron.

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With the move towards being green, reclaimed wood has won a new market, but lovers of rustic furniture have been recovering old granary siding in the next few years to be used as shelves. Recover the wood from an old barn or a house that is being demolished, or buy reclaimed wood through a local dealer. For the best rustic effect, choose wood with weathered, rough and match it with wrought iron supports.

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