Ideas for High Glass Candle Holders on a Mantle

Nov 15th

A glass candle holders can be hung indoors or outdoors and adds an enchanting quality to home decor. For an outdoor garden, hang a glass candlestick with a standing rack if there are no walls or ceilings available to hang. The glass allows for candlelight to illuminate spaces with low flickering light, radiating a sense of warmth and romance. A fireplace mantle is the perfect gallery for an artistic arrangement of light in glass. Big candlesticks are attention grabbers but crystal or glass candle holders or hurricanes are translucent and adapt to different holidays and decorations. Place one in the center of the mantle as a focal point or line the entire shelf with a collection of dazzling lights.

Hood ornament hangers over the top lip of high glass candle holders for a little glitter and glitter on the mantle. Varied ornament from narrow metal icicles to vintage colored globe. Try to hang some small coats of painted silver and gold, one from each candlestick. Flicker from the above lights will reflect back from the shiny surface of the ornament. For Valentine’s Day, replacement thin strips glued with little candy hearts for holiday neighbors.

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Line cloak with branches of evergreen, frosted with artificial snow. Lean a collection of beautiful mirrors along the back wall of the cloak. And then place high glass and silver candlesticks in protective glass dishes on the green. Use white light for a shiny snowfall of a jacket where each surface bounce and reflect light. The winter scene is charming from the first frost to the earliest characters in the spring.

Place glass hurricanes the hourglass-shaped chimneys that protect light from winds over flat dessert plates like narrow silver or crystal candlesticks centered. The candles in the candlesticks can alternate red and green. Carefully fill the hurricane about a quarter to a third with bright red. And real cranberries and light the candles with a wire light lighter for immediate Christmas party appeal.

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Ideas for high glass candle holders on a mantle. Glass hurricanes lined up on an otherwise empty mantle make a strong design statement when filled with beeswax block lights identical. During the day, glass reflects the sun in the room and the light looks like a line of sculptures. At night, the lighted pillars are a string of fluttery flames wandering through the glass. Beeswax is less drippy and sticky so keep the appearance of the candles preserved even when they slowly disappear.

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