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Really Nice and Simple Solid Wood Storage Bench

Beautiful Teak Shower Bench

Awesome Teak Wood Shower Bench

May 13, 2019 Wood Bench

Ideas to Create Teak Wood Bench

Teak wood bench to give a touch of design simplicity to an indoor or outdoor space. The construction of the bench is not a complicated task once the pieces of wood are measured and cut. then, use the indoor bench, in a small room at the entrance, a corridor, a bathroom or a bedroom, or outdoors in a patio or in a flower garden. Using two sizes of wood, you can complete a simple wooden bench in a single afternoon.

Then, cut four pieces of wood 2 by 4 inches to 15 inches long. These four pieces will make the legs of the simple wooden bench. Measure 15 inches into the wood with a tape measure, mark it with a pencil line and cut the pieces of the legs using the miter saw. Then, cut four pieces of wood 2 by 4 inches to 44 inches long. These pieces form longitudinally supports legs and seats that are connected to the upper and middle legs.

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Place two 15-inch legs on a flat surface and place two 44-inch stands between the legs and perpendicular to them. Space apart so that one is placed on the top of the legs and the other is near the middle of the legs. Holes pre-countersunk holes through the 2-inch thickness of the legs by 2 by 4 inches. Apply wood glue between the legs and leg supports, and screw together using an electric drill. Mount the other two legs in the same way.

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