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May 14, 2019 Wood Shelves

Ideas to Decorate White Wood Floating Shelves

White wood floating shelves are shelves that, when hung, seem to be “floating” on the wall. Due to the fact that you cannot see any external support. They create an elegant and modern appearance in any room. And can be used and decorated in a large number of ways, from practical to purely aesthetic. Use floating shelves to put items, showing works of art or even as a replacement for furniture.

Floating shelves in the kitchen are a great way to show favorite dishes. Stack white plates next to a white jug filled with wildflowers. Or hang a shelf over the coffeemaker and show some colorful, hand-painted coffee mugs. Floating shelves arrive in a wide variety of dimensions. So you can even use one to cover a space between two cabinets or install one in a previously difficult-to-fit empty space in your kitchen.

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Hang several floating shelves, one on top of the other, from floor to ceiling to create a low-cost but striking display on one of the walls. Fill shelves with DVDs, books, candles, plants and family photos for a casual but attractive look. If you have a flat screen TV on the wall, try hanging a black floating shelf on either side of it to open the look of the TV. If you have a beautiful sculpture that you want to show, try placing it in the middle of a wide floating platform hung in the center of an otherwise empty wall.

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