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May 16, 2019 Wood Bench

Ideas to Make Acacia Wood Bench

Acacia wood bench gives you a place to rest during garden work and to sit and enjoy your efforts. If it is placed so that it is visible from other parts of the house and property, it attracts guests in the garden. You can skip staining and sealing this bank if you prefer that it acquired a degraded look over time. Place two of the band table leg side longitudinally with a gap of an inch between them. Use the electric screwdriver to fix a support board at the top and one at the bottom with wood screws. Therefore, it has two leg plates per leg, for a total of two legs for this bench.

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Insert the screws through the brackets and into the sides of the leg joints. The support boards should be level with the ends of the top and bottom of the leg plates without overhang. The ends of the support boards must be flush with the faces of the wood on the legs. Flip the leg board over, and do the same with the other side. It is a full leg acacia wood bench.

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Repeat this treatment with the other leg. Now you must have two legs of the bench with brackets firmly fixed. Put them upright, with the supports perpendicular along the top and bottom. Then, put them 4 feet away in the center, exactly parallel to each other.

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