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Ideas to Repaint Distressed Wood Bench

Repainting your old distressed wood bench can add new life to your garden. Whether you are looking to simply repaint the same color, as it has faded or peeled or you are looking to drastically change the look of your bank, choosing the right paint for the project is critical to making sure it will last.

When choosing paint for this project, you need a high-quality exterior paint that is acceptable for wood. Exterior paints have properties that interior paints do not have, and vice versa. These paints are made to resist discoloration, be in direct sunlight and also have additives such as pesticides that can prevent pests, fungi, mold or other outdoor problems. Not all exterior paints are acceptable for wood; A professional paint shop will be able to help you choose the right paint for this project. In many cases, the exterior paint of the house will do the trick and you will be able to choose from a variety of colors.

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Solid color spots are somewhere between the finish of a regular stain and paint. They are not semitransparent like most spots, although they can still show some of the grains in their wood. Stained solid wood stains are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood while providing a solid, smooth finish. Solid color spots also come in a variety of colors, just like the paints. You can match a color in most cases as you would a paint color.

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