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May 4th

Wrought iron wall decor – Many of us love to decorate our home with our ingenuity and handicrafts, and more if we need few material resources, and even more, if we can recycle elements that we all have at home. Today we show you how to create a wrought iron imitation ornament to decorate your walls with easy to get items. An idea really economical and easy to achieve. All you need are several cartons of toilet paper rolls, long strips of cardboard that you can get by using rolls of kitchen paper, wooden sticks, hot glue and metal-toned spray paint. Here is the step by step how to do this craft to decorate the walls.

First, you must cut the rolls of toilet paper into several pieces and all with the same width. You must cut it so that the carton retains the curl shape. You do not have to use the toilet paperboard, you can use any other paperboard, but we all use toilet paper, so this is a good opportunity to recycle and give it a good use. To achieve a better shape of curl, you can try using a brush or pencil and help the carton to take the shape that you want. Wrap the cardboard around the brush and get a good curl.

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Then you start to create the fake grid, first by sticking two long strips of cardboard in the shape of a cross and then beating small pieces with shapes of curls, ideally create a symmetrical design. The hot glue will be essential in this step so that the structure is firm. You can use your imagination and achieve the design wrought iron wall decor that you like. Use wooden sticks to assemble a frame and stick the structure you have assembled inside the frame and leave it as a painting.

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Once finished the design, you paint everything with a color of your liking, to give it a metallic tone and ready. You will have a beautiful imitation iron wall ornament. Then, you can select from metal sculptures, candle fixtures, wall plaques, wall and fences. You can always find a corner of your home to place and give a unique and distinctive look. Whatever the decorative piece of antique wrought iron wall décor that you want to place in your home and in your rooms will give you a unique and beautiful Tuscan style. It is important to take into account the size of the wall with respect to the size of the accessory so that the decoration does not look unattractive.

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