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Inspirational Modern Sleigh Bedroom Sets

Sleigh bedroom sets are all we need to look extremely fashionable and sleep in an ultimate coziness. Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way; everything would be way better if we decorate our whole house with thematic decorations. The thematic and modern decorations can be started by having the bedroom set. Why do we have to choose this kind of style, you ask? Santa will hop on the roof with the popular sleigh. While you can’t have a ride and be picked up to the sleigh, create your own fun atmosphere by having sleigh bed at home. Are you interested?

Sleigh Bedroom Sets: The History

Let’s figure out the sleigh history first. Sleigh bed got its name from the original term of sleigh that Santa uses in Christmas. The model got its inspiration from the curved and scrolled parts of sleighs. Commonly, it is made from heavy wood. Initially, it is made in early 19th century of American and French Empire period. The overall model is inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. After having so many improvements on the whole form, sleighs nowadays come up in various basic materials, such as aluminum, iron and steel with less curves and scrolls.

Modern Sleigh Beds in Modern Era

Here, we have modern sleigh example that you can always look up to for inspirations. Dramatist and elegance; those two are all you can find in modern sleigh beds. Our favorite pick is the set created by Bravo Interior Design. Sleigh bed sets in gold are nothing but focal points and a package of luxury. As it is stated before, modern sleighs are no longer sticking to the original concept. So is this creation; with less accents for the headboard, this bed, indeed, still stand-out and is being the hottest one to cuddle on.

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