Install Base Wire on Privacy Chain Link Fence

Oct 24th

Privacy chain link fence – Tying the base of a chain link fence called a tension wire. This wire has the bottom of the fencing in position. The tension cable can be installed either before or after installing chain link mesh. Although the tension cable is optional, prevents the animals from the cable drives the chain-link fencing from the ground and in, or exciting, fenced area.

Linda cable around a terminal end posts about 2 inches from the ground and twist the end of the cable around the cable as a twist tie of a loaf of bread, to secure the wire to the privacy chain link fence post. Pull the thread tight to the next post, either line or terminal post and wrap around the post so the cable will be on the same page as the swordplay when installed.

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Continue to move to the next post and wrap the wire around each post, to keep the wire tight between each privacy chain link fence post. Cutting voltage wire about 6 inches past the post with wire cutters. Tie the cord to last post terminal in the same way as it was bound to the first post.  Linda ties to high voltage wire fencing and about every foot along the mesh.

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