Install New Garage Door Extension Springs

Mar 19th

Garage Door Extension Springs – The extension springs lift a garage door evenly on both sides. After many years of service, you may find it necessary to install new springs. When replacing it, you must replace the hardware too. Most well-stocked hardware stores and garage door dealers offer spring kits with all the necessary hardware. The extension springs are color coded for size. Remove the existing springs, and then lift the garage door to its fully open position.

Have a friend raise one side while raising the other to open the door evenly. Hold the door with one hand while placing pressure clamps to the track directly below the lower roller. Connect an eye bolt to the rear hanger of the horizontal guide. Tighten the eye bolt with a wrench and make sure the open end of the eye is tilted upward. Place the front pulley to the other end of the garage door extension springs. Insert the U-shaped clip through the end of the spring.

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Position the pulley by inserting it between the U-Clip ends and securing it with the nut and bolt provided. Pull the door cable over the top of the pulley located on the track. Pass the end of the cable over the top of the garage door extension springs pulley and pull it through the bottom of the pulley. Pass the cable through the front hole of the three-hole clamping plate. Locate the three or four adjustment holes for the S-hook towards the front of the horizontal track.

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